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by Don A. Bright

I’m sick and tired of all this nonsense about liberals being on the side of “civil rights”. Their philosophy on “civil rights” is always the same: the rest of us are supposed to remain civil while they take away our rights. They have an agenda and have used their friends in the liberal media to hide this agenda behind warm and fuzzy terms like “human rights”, “civil rights” and “environmentalism” etal. Actually, the collectivist goals of liberals are anti-civil, anti-environment and anti-right.
The most important civil right, the civil right that over-rides all others, is the right to strive for complete fulfillment as a human being. And that means free enterprise; and free enterprise means capitalism. Capitalism is the core of civil rights. We all have an inalienable right to capitalize on the abilities we have to pursue completeness as we perceive it. That is what has made this country the greatest guarantor of civil rights in the history of man.
Capitalism is anathema to liberal collectivists. Why? Because it rewards individualism.
We are rapidly losing our true civil rights due to the extortionate influence of the liberal collectivists and their insidious imposition of mediocrity and characterless on the individual. Bringing all human beings down to the lowest common denominator and making us slaves to commonness is not an exercise in respect for the individual or that individual’s civil rights.
This country was built by individuals not by collectivist cutouts. That is why conservatives believe so passionately and compassionately in individual privacy rights; the right to full ownership of real property, the right to control our intellectual property, the right to fail or to succeed, the right to the benefits of our own labor and most importantly, the right of choice for every individual. And that includes both private and commercial choices.
If I as the individual owner of an apartment house choose to exclude certain individuals based on behavior that I find distasteful, that is my right. If I own a business and choose to hire and/or serve only those whose ethnicity I share, that is my right. If I choose to smoke and allow my customers and employees to smoke, that is my right. If I choose to drive without a seatbelt, that is my right.
If you choose to open your home or business to anybody that comes along that is your right. If you choose not to smoke, you have the right to choose to do business where smoking is prohibited. If you choose to wear a seatbelt, good for you.
You see, if I exercise my right to make individual choices, you lose none of yours. But if you collectively determine what I as a business owner or a consumer can or cannot do then you have taken away my rights. The fact that I serve or employ large numbers of people does not mean that my property belongs to the public.
Individual rights must prevail over collective dictates if we are to have a future. It is simply a matter of logic that the earth is better off when individuals control its inventory. No collective ownership of any part of the “environment” has proven successful when measured against private ownership. It’s far better that I have the right to take care of my part and you have the same right to do whatever you wish with your part.
I always laugh when the “environmentalists” pull out the old chestnut “but what you do with your property affects my property”. Well, of course. That’s Civics 101 and that is where civility comes in. But their solution is where the silliness comes in. They want to tell us how to live on our own property so we don’t affect their property. Did I miss something here? Doesn’t that affect my property?
I can hear the “environmentalists” out there crying. But what about “global warming” and second hand smoke? Its time for them to find some new material to use in their intimidation schemes. There is no man made “global warming” and the claims that so-called second hand smoke is harmful are nothing but,… well, puffery. All of this scare mongering is for one reason. They are afraid of the individual, afraid of free thought, and afraid of self sufficiency. Only through coercive government tyranny can they overcome their weakness.
Liberal collectivists are also fond of saying that my right to swing my fist stops at their nose. Not true. When they stick that nose into my privacy and deny me my civil rights I have the right to swing my fist at, on and through that nose.  Civily, of course.


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